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, such a trus●ty friend was he.I delighted to witness▓ the friendship that rapidly s●prang up between your mother a▓nd Nicholas.He


entertained her, told ▓her stories, made her laugh.—She▓ would often exclaim, ‘Dear, good Nicholas! W●hat should we do without him


’ I replied, ‘●That is right.Let him be next to y●our son and your husband in your affectio●n.’ I do not think it is common for?/p>


?one man to love another as I loved Nicholas.▓ “But after we had been in New● York a little more than two months, your moth▓er’s manner toward Nicholas began t▓o change.She was cold and f?/p>

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This website template has several pages: onstan, 坢y return, to New York, the i, nt●imacy (note that contact us form 鈥?doesn鈥檛 work).

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aintance.’ Your mother answered, ‘I am s●orry to distress you.I don’t know wha

t you ▓mean.I was not aware that I had▓ been discourteous to your frie▓nd.’—’Has Nicholas done any thing’ ●I asked.—’No, he has done nothing.▓’—I blamed your mother severely.I

besought▓ her to subdue what I took for● her caprice.Yet every day her ●conduct toward Nicholas grew colder and more f●ormal.Every

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day I reproved her more and m▓ore earnestly.This was the ▓nearest approach to a quarrel that your moth▓er and I had ever had.It grieved me

deeply ▓that she should adopt such a● manner toward my friend.I was all the more cor●dial to him in consequence.I hoped that he woul▓d not notice the turn affairs had tak

en. ▓ “Thus till almost a year ago.Yo●u lacked but a fortnight of being on▓e